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Build Amazing AI Search Experiences

The future of search is here. Exceeding customer expectations means business results

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Increase conversations and engagement

Put direct answers and calls-to-action at your customers' fingertips, so you always meet them at their moment of intent.

The only site search technology to that returns direct answers, using the power of the Knowledge Graph.

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Reduce support and maintenance costs

Answers helps consumers find information quickly and easily, without having to contact a supper center or chatbot.

‍Revolutionary search product that understands natural language and puts direct answers on your website to help consumers convert- right in the search results.

Key features include

Advanced search bar

Search is no longer a single keyword. Consumers ask questions using natural language and they expect answers. They will get those answers on your website, with a better search bar.

Natural language understanding

Uses artificial intelligence to put speech into context. Automatically determines general query intent and returns the entities that are the best match for a given query.

Unlock new sources of customer intelligence

Search analytics catalogs each search query, and its response, to show you where you might be missing opportunities with customers.

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