Marketing 360® Data Processing Agreement

iHeartMedia, Inc., its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, and successors (“iHeartBusiness”), utilizes Marketing 360® software to power iHeartBusiness PAYMENTS. Marketing 360® is a third-party service provider owned by Madwire, LLC., a Colorado Limited Liability Corporation headquartered at 3405 S. Timberline Rd Fort Collins, Colorado (“Madwire”), doing business as Marketing 360® (“Marketing 360®”). Marketing 360® provides certain payments services (“Marketing 360® Payments Services”) to small and mid-sized businesses.

The terms of the Marketing 360® Data Processing Agreement ("DPA”) and Payments Services (“Payment Terms”) constitute a legal agreement between you (“Merchant,” “you,” or “your”) and Madwire and govern your use of the Marketing 360® Payment Services. iHeartBusiness is not a party to these agreements.

The DPA may be reviewed at any time at